In search of Eternity

Anastasia Loktaeva

The personal exhibition «In search of Eternity» Anastasia Loktaeva is dedicated to prehistoric religions and the influence that they have had and are having on modern people. The artist draws attention to the idea of the connection of generations, the idea of memory through symbolic forms.

Many ancestral traditions are interpreted differently now or were perceived as a given. The artist draws attention to the root cause, to the meaning that was originally laid down: the understanding of the Earth as an image of an «eternally giving birth» Mother, the gift of flowers as a wish for life, the idea of anthropomorphic images as a divine component in a person and much more are reflected in the works of Anastasia.


  • Доисторические религии, Рождение, холст/уголь, 120/100
  • Доисторические религии, Ожидание, холст/уголь, 120/100
  • В поиске вечности, масло, уголь, пастель, 2022