The M2 Gallery was founded in 2022 by the artist Anastasia Loktaeva and is located in a renovated building of the early 20th century in the center of Moscow. It is based on a deep interest in contemporary art in Russia and confidence in its authors. The M2 features artists of different generations who work with painting, sculpture, photography, graphics, installation and performance.

The full—fledged direction of the gallery is educational activities, mainly focused on the education of potential buyers and collectors. Today, this is implemented in the form of an intensive public program: regular lectures and discussions with leading experts, including Alexey Maslyaev, Sergey Khachaturov, Sergey Popov, Irina Gorlova, Margarita Pushkina, Kirill Svetlyakov and others.

Until 2024, M2 was positioned as a closed-type gallery. However, this year it opened its doors to a wide audience with the Plus-Minus exhibition (Плюс-Минус — Галерея М2) curated by Alexey Maslyaev and Anna Kubanova.